V032: City of Strangers: Driven into Paradise

British Broadcasting Corporation, VHS (NTSC), color (1992), 45:00

Narrated by Sam Wanamaker

Executive Producer: Diana Lashmore
Associate Producer: Sue Knussen
Produced by Ann Hummel for the BBC

Time Description
0:00 Credits
1:15 Voice-over, film clip of Gold Diggers (1935)
1:40 Interview with Christopher Hampton, author of Tales from Hollywood
2:00 Quick photo of Schönberg, one of many artists who fled Germany in the 1930s
2:16 Interview with Gottfried Reinhardt, writer and producer
2:36 Footage of Hitler and the Nazi party
3:19 Interview with Rudi Fehr, film editor
3:37 Interview with Marianne Brün, daughter of actor Fritz Kortner
3:56 Interview with Nuria Schoenberg Nono, daughter of AS
4:05 Footage of Jews leaving Europe by ship
4:20 Interview with Prof. James K. Lyon, author of Bertolt Brecht in America
4:45 Footage of Nazi book burning
5:10 Discussion of degenerate music and Ernst Krenek
5:40 Interview with Krenek
6:29 Composition in Blue (1934), animation by Oskar Fischinger
7:00 Interview with Elfriede Fischinger, artist
7:20 Discussion of Fischinger's innovations in animation; footage of his award-winning cigarette commercial "Muratti Marches On" (1933)
8:00 Interview with Elfriede Fischinger (cont'd.)
9:00 The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933), directed by Fritz Lang
9:50 Interview with Fritz Lang (filmed in 1967)
11:50 Footage of 1930s Los Angeles
12:25 Interview with Vincent Price
12:40 Elfriede Fischinger
12:50 Rudi Fehr
13:15 Footage of Hollywood
13:30 Interview with Curt Siodmak, writer
13:55 Interview with Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor
14:15 Footage of Fox studios
14:50 Interview with Neal Gabler, author of An Empire of Their Own
15:10 Footage from 1930s, discussion of Max Reinhardt's activities
15:50 A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935)
16:30 Interview with Gottfried Reinhardt
17:40 Footage of Max Reinhardt's activity in the theater
18:14 Michael Tilson Thomas
18:35 Emigrés acting as film extras
18:50 Christopher Hampton
19:20 Discussion of Paul Kohner's activities
19:35 Interview with Lupita Tovar, widow of Paul Kohner
20:00 Elfriede Fischinger
21:45 Role of the screenwriter
22:20 Christopher Hampton
23:00 Warner Brothers studios
23:20 Gottfried Reinhardt
23:40 Discussion of Thomas and Heinrich Mann's activities
25:25 I Walked With a Zombie (1943), written by Curt Siodmak
26:00 Curt Siodmak on adapting to American culture
26:50 Gottfried Reinhardt on the difficulties for the older generation to adapt
27:30 Marianne Brün
28:15 Discussion of Salka Viertel's salon and her role in the émigré community
28:40 Bertolt Brecht's activities
29:10 Discussion of Arnold Schönberg's activities
29:20 Interview with Leonard Stein
29:30 Footage of Schönberg playing tennis with Gershwin, Malibu party
29:55 Interview with Lukas Foss, composer
30:20 Story of Schönberg's encounter with Irving Thalberg regarding The Good Earth
30:30 Interview with David Raksin, composer
31:30 Deception (1946)
32:10 Schönberg home movies, interview with Nuria Schoenberg Nono and with Randol Schoenberg, grandson of AS
33:30 David Raksin
34:00 Footage of Schönberg's Rockingham home
35:50 Vincent Price on AS
36:45 Deception (1946)
37:25 Tilson Thomas on educational opportunities in LA
38:45     Hollywood in the 1930s; Gottfried Reinhardt
39:45 War footage, American anti-war propaganda
41:10 Neal Gabler
41:46 Credits
42:35 End