Aufnahmedatum: 1951 March 3
Dauer: 2:14
Beschreibung: Letter in English. On a signed photograph for the Hollywood String Quartet; also on additional recording projects.
Signatur: 101/R7
Publikationen: keine


[Die herausgehobenen Stellen fehlen auf der Aufnahme.]
Arnold Schoenberg
116 N. Rockingham Avenue
Los Angeles 2-4-49
, California
March32, 1951
[sic, i.e. 1951?]

To Mr. Richard C. Jones,
artist and so on
Capitol Records, Inc.
Sunset at Vine

Dear Mr. Jones
Under separate cover I send you the photograph which I have signed for the Hollywood String Quartet. I have not yet heard the recording which they made. Would you not send me a record of it?
Further, I thank you very much for offering me several recordings, mainly of my Suite, of the Variations for Orchestra, and of the Survivor. I am anxious to have these records. I am sorry that
(paragraph)... I am sorry that you cannot publish the Suite at present. I think it would please people very much.
(paragraph) At this opportunity I want to remind you that we have not made a contract about Transfigured Night. I wonder whether I get the same royalties as I get from Pelleas. I hope you have good sales of this work because it is far superior to all orchestral performances.
I'm with warmest greetings yours,
Arnold Schoenberg