Schoenberg, Ronald, 1937-

Collection, 1937-1970: 1 folder (23 leaves)

Ronald Schoenberg--son of Arnold and Gertrud Schönberg. Retired Municipal Court Judge.


correspondence (3 items: 1934-1951): Arnold Schönberg, Heinrich Schönberg
photographs (2 items: 1916-194?): Arnold Schönberg, wearing uniform ; Arnold, Gertrud and Ronald Schönberg
legal papers concerning the gift of Arnold Schönberg’s correspondence to the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. (1951) and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (1973).
contract between Arnold und Gertrud Schönberg as Joint Tenants of Real Estate Rockingham Avenue 116 N. Brentwood Park, Los Angeles (1943).
weight chart of Ronald Schoenberg, made by Arnold Schönberg (1937)
printed article about Albert Einstein from Arnold Schönberg’s legacy (no date). 
printed article: Leonard Lyons: The Lyons Den, in: The New York Post (July 23, 1940)
proposal, adressed to UCLA, to establish an Arnold Schoenberg Archive (June 24, 1970)