Lazar, Moshe, 1928-

Collection, 1994-1996: 1 folder (97 leaves)

Moshe Lazar--Professor of Drama and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California (formerly Chair of Romance Philology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Dean of Visual and Performing Arts at Tel Aviv University), has translated for the Israeli stage several plays from French, Spanish and Italian, has translated an anthology of poetry from the Hebrew into French, and has translated five medieval plays into French. He is the author of numerous books and studies on courtly love literature, medieval and modern drama, anti-Jewish propaganda, and the cultural history of Sephardic Jewry, in particular its Judeo-Spanish biblical and para-biblical texts. nberg's Die Jakobsleiter in 1992.


book (1 item: 1888): Geschichte der türkish-israelitischen Gemeinde zu Wien: von ihrer Gründung bis heute nach historischen Daten [History of the Ottoman-Jewish (Sephardic) Community in Vienna: from its Founding to the Present, based on Historical Data]. German
and Ladino. Translated by Michael Pap. Vienna: Verlag von M. Papo, 1888. (photocopy) clippings (8 items: 1995-1996): "Minna Lederman Daniel, 99, Longtime Modern Music Editor". The New York Times (1 November 1995), Obituaries: D19. Ajzenstadt, Michael. "Leipzig to bring 'Moses und Aron'". Jerusalem Post (18 July 1995): n.p. (2 copies). Boyer, Paul. "Sic Transit Schoenberg: The Melody Doesn't Linger On". Los Angeles Times (12 July 1996): M1, M6. Miller, Judith. "Schoenberg Archives to Leave U.S.C.". The New York Times (National Edition) 145/50, 486 (12 July 1996): B1, B14. Tugend, Tom. "He sacrificed art for the sake of world Jewry: Composer Arthur [sic] Schoenberg's greatest commitment wasn't to music but to the survival of the Jewish people". Jerusalem Post (1 November 1995): 7. Tugend, Tom. "A Legacy of Conviction: Arnold Schoenberg and his Biblical Way". The Jewish Journal (8-14 September, 1995): 10-11. Tugend, Tom. "Academic Skirmishes: The Arnold Schoenberg Institute debate". The Jewish Journal (8-14 September, 1995): 10.
Program (2 items: 1994): program booklet and libretto (photocopy) for Dreyfus--"Die Affäre": Oper in zwei Akten von George Whyte, Musik von Jost Meier, Deutsche Oper Berlin (8 May 1994).

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Clippings: Moses und Aron