Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland)

Collection, 1941-1975: 1 folder (9 leaves)

Case Western Reserve University--founded in 1967 in Cleveland, Ohio, it consists of 13 schools and colleges. The papers of Thomas Munro are on deposit at the University. Munro, who worked at the Cleveland Museum of Art, was president of the American Society of Aesthetics and the editor of the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism. Schoenberg was involved with preparation of lectures for the meetings of the Society and prepared an article for the Journal.


correspondence (9 items: 1941-1945, 1975)


American Society for Aesthetics (Thomas Munro (1 item: 1944))
ASI (Clara Steuermann (2 items: 1975))
Case Western Reserve University (Laura Goretta (1 item: 1975))
Arnold Schoenberg (5 items: 1941-1945)